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In mid 2012, founder and Creative Director, Jade Otten, embarked on a quest in Europe to find the latest innovations and solutions in exhibitions to bring back to South Africa.  It was at this time that she found the world's first fully flexible exhibition range in Sweden and quickly realized that this solution would be ideal for her clients seeking value, high quality re-usable solutions for their upcoming exhibition show.

The Mark Bric team welcomed Jade and her ideas on bringing this exciting innovative product to South Africa and gave her their support, expertise and quality guarantee to ensure that all South African clients presented with this product will be guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Today, this united force have assisted many large companies in the telecoms, mining, banking, corporate and scientific markets in South Africa - all of which are completely satisfied with the exhibition solution provided and all of which have confirmed in a survey that they would purchase more in the future.


We provide you with exhibition and trade-show solutions to create impact and ideally build a lasting relationship between your brand and your customer.  We achieve this by using our expertise in design, project management and printing expertise to ensure that we create an exceptional high quality finished product every time.

Our Swedish manufacturers offer us the added global expertise in custom product manufacturing to bring our clients dreams to reality in a custom, modular, re-usable solution.  With over 35 years of pioneering the exhibition industry on a global scale, there is absolutely nothing that will stand in our way as we embark on our journey into the hearts of South African's with this exceptional exhibition solution.

From conceptualization, design, manufacture and print all the way through to rigging, installation, storage and transportation as well as additional 'on-the-day' services such as photography, promotional personnel and catering - we truly are the complete solution.



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