Flexible Exhibition Stands

the world's first fully flexible exhibition stand is now in sa!

ISOframe Wave is the first fully flexible banner stand. To achieve this flexibility a patented Flexi-wave link connects each vertical post in the system. The Flexi-wave link is a strong aluminium structure that can flex up to 180 degrees each way in the horizontal position but offers no flex in any other direction. This means each graphic can be flexed up to 180 degrees in any direction yet the structure remains unbelievably strong and stable. Beautiful curves or perfect straight lines can be achieved with any display. Just add 800 mm / 31.5" extender units to the original 800 mm / 31.5" wide starter unit section for larger displays.

Because Wave is based on our ISOframe concept it also incorporates our patented FASTclamp connector. This is used to attach the base supports and additional beams to the system instantly, without tools – no more struggling with the nuts and bolts used on other systems. Additional beams can also be attached for shelving, table attachments or TFT/LCD screens. ISOframe Wave uses an all-metal construction – no plastic parts to break. In fact we are so confident about Wave’s durability we offer a 10 years warranty.

quick and easy to set up

alternative layouts using the same graphics

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